As soon as a writer has put their idea to paper and have completed their final draft, they are ready to publish their article. Although many writers choose to hand over the responsibility of publishing their book to established publishers, many more choose to self-publish. There are many reasons that prompt a writer to self-publish, this may include, to save on costs or the lack of funds. Some writers may also fail to get an appropriate publisher for their article or they may want to enjoy the freedom to control the publishing of the book. Yet there are writers who believe that publishing consumes a large share of their profits and therefore they opt to do-it-themselves. What comes to mind when one thinks of self-publishing is if it is free or whether there is a cost associated with self-publishing.

Self-publishing is no different from publishing with an established publisher because the writer is expected to produce the same quality of the final book. It can, therefore, be presumed that when the writer self-publishes, they are taking-on the responsibility of a publisher. Like the established publisher, the self-publisher should budget for the cost of having a proofreader and an editor. They should also budget for the cost of designing and printing a beautiful and eye-catching book cover. Another important consideration would be the cost of acquiring a writing software. Go here for more.

The cost of editing is contingent on the editorial support needed, the subject matter and the quality of the writer's draft. A writer needs a proofreader to oversee grammatical and typographical errors, as well as to check for a precision of facts. A copy editor would scrutinize each sentence for consistency and word choice. If the self-publisher chooses to hire the services of a development editor, they will check the tone of the book to align it with the taste of the readers. Hiring this extra hands would give useful feedback and improve the quality of the book. Additionally, the self-writer may spend extra on a professional designer to organize for them their digital book files. The designer is also needed to produce an appropriate book cover. 

A writer can spend a minimal amount of two hundred dollars, to a moderate two thousand dollars, to self-publish. For the writer to spend minimally on self-publication, they would probably forego the services of proof readers, editor and designs. They should however rely on a friend or a peer group to proofread the work for them. However, subject to the size of the book, target market, target readers, budget and quality of final draft that a writer requires, one can spend as high as twenty thousand dollars to self-publish a book. A quality book, designed to appeal to the readers, will most likely sell more units. Click here for more info:
Determinants of the Cost of Self-Publishing